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QaQ laHlIj carbon fiber idler roller

QaQ laHlIj carbon fiber idler roller

jen HoS, chep ngI' pov corrosion resistance er je carbon fiber idler tetlh. nep je Huch law' Hoch HochHom baS wej Qay tuj carbon fiber.

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carbon fiber idler tetlherchaq jen HoS, chep ngI' andexcellent corrosion resistance.Moreover.Hoch Huch law' Hoch HochHom baS Qu' transferheat wej carbonfiber.

XINBO COMPOSITEproductswidely lo' neH aviation, automobile, toy, kite, ghItlhwI', handicraft, tent.windmill, SIS yoDlaw'bIquvssports luch ngaj je.

details carbon fiber Idler Roller:

Hap 'u': 100 vatlhvI' carbon fiber pagh Hoch requested

rIn ghor: Natural

diameter: Below 500 mm laH customized, pagh rom requirement

'ab: rom tlham

thickness tlhoy': according to tlham

carbon 'a ghIH: 100 vatlhvI' cf 50 vatlhvI' cf, pagh according to tlham.

laH chut lulajpu'bogh 'ej tubes according per customer vIlopQo' jay' 39 tI s application 'ej requirement manufacture maH.